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100+ Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020 | Merry Christmas Whatsapp Text Messages

Here You find 100+ Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

Here you find Christmas Whatsapp Status is for spreading love and affection everywhere. Christmas is an event when everybody aspires to savor with friends and family. Envy all of your friends and family by updating your Christmas WhatsApp status with these best Merry Christmas Status. We collected the most exciting and thrilling Christmas WhatsApp status quotes.

These Christmas WhatsApp status are the best distributed on the web and often loved by guests. Here you will get latest Christmas longings, messages, Christmas WhatsApp text messages, Christmas WhatsApp dp and statuses for all your friends, family and relatives. Find the best one to wish for the Christmas vacation or update your Whatsapp status on this joys occasion of Christmas. The Christmas WhatsApp status we present are the latest ones because we want you to stand out.

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

You can use our unique Christmas WhatsApp status for making a bang. Besides that Christmas WhatsApp text messages for the most special ones like your girlfriend or boyfriend are also available here.

1. The real charm of Christmas is that the cash from wallet vanishes immediately.

2. May Christ grant you with all the laughter and prosperity you deserve! Merry Xmas!

3. Before The Church Bells Ring,

Before D Cakes & Wine R Served,
Before The Holy Star Appears,
Before Systems Get Jammed,
Let Me Wish you A
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Whatsapp Messages

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

4. May Santa Claus deliver you lots of gifts!
May your home be charged with peace and bliss!
May Jesus shower his ample benediction on you!
Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Hopeful New Year!!

5. Christmas is the kindest, loveliest celebration of the rolling year and yet, for all that, when it speaks, its voice has supreme authority.

6. Christmas does not grow from the pockets; it arises from the heart. It’s not about gifts, somewhat family and friends.

7. Feelings are many, but words are rare
Clouds are thick, but the sky is blue
Love is an essay life is a glue
Everything is false only My Love is TRUE!
Merry Christmas!!! 

Copy the Best lines and put them on your WhatsApp or send them as Christmas Messages. You can also copy one of the best Christmas Wishes and Christmas Quotes from this website and send them to your loved ones along with the Christmas Gifts.

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
8. I wish this Christmas end the year
With happiness and lead to
a bright and cheerful new year.
wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019.

9. May this Christmas
Pour love in your heart,
Pour happiness in your home
and make your life peaceful..!
**Happy Christmas Day**

10. I wish this Christmas would be very special for you that you won’t feel lonely anymore and remain under the canopy of love forever.
**Happy Christmas Day**

11. Christmas is the festival if sharing love and joy. It gives the lesson of being gentle and humane.  
Wish you Merry Christmas.

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status

 Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

12. Christmas is not about buying pricey things from malls, it is about sharing the love. The festival is about sharing the joy with your loved ones, rather than presents.

13. May the magic wand of Christmas fill love and warmth in your heart.

14. Christmas is a synonym of sharing and lending.
Christmas is the festival to love and to forgive.
Happy Christmas Day!

15. May this Christmas’s happiness and joy will surround you this whole upcoming year.
Wishing you to have the blessings of God.
**Merry Christmas**

16. I Wish all members of my  family and I wish all of my friends
A very  happy and heart warming Christmas and New Year.
But please don’t get drunk.

17. Faith results in possible,
Hope does the  work, and
Love beautifies everything,
May God shower with faith , hope and love. Wish you

18. Christmas is coming again
to let the love of God glow…
to give hope to the Promise…
that God will be beside us always..!
Wish you
Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2020!

19. I like to wish and pray for the best for you because you always think about beauty and live which Christmas teaches us.
Wish you
**a very healthy Merry Christmas**

20. To dear, my friends and loved ones, may you have  lots of love and wish you Merry Christmas.

Christmas WhatsApp status quotes

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
21. Wish you to have a very healthy and memorable Merry Christmas this year!

22. It is my Christmas gift when you get online on Facebook and then starts typing.

23. Christmas gather all the people of all the religions to come and pray to Jesus Christ!

24. Wish all of you Merry Christmas and loads of love  for 2019! Wish it will be better than the last year!

25. Christmas always delights and pleases me. It doesn’t matter when this festival of joy surround me in the year.

26. This Christmas I don’t need  gift, because I have your presence beside me.

27. The Christmas spreads the feeling of love in the air, and spread the fragrance of gentleness in the air.

28. I wish for peaceful mind, healthy body and strengthened will power for everyone on this earth, this Christmas.

29. Christmas is not about using the wallet to buy happiness. It is about using your heart to buy happiness.

30. On this 25 December, smile more and be happier. Merry Christmas.
Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
31. Christmas and Jesus are very powerful  because they are note the people of the world.

32. Play and enjoy on this 25th of  December, because Christmas comes once a year.

33. Life is not a matter about living the whole life, it about experiencing the moments.  Merry Christmas.

34. So, Christmas is here at the doorsteps. I waited from one 25 December 2017 to another 25 December 2018.

36. Santa will dance in other party, but I will dance in your party. So, reply me on WhatsApp.

37. Christmas is exactly as Facebook Poke. Like poke, the festival brings you and me closer to each other.

38. Dear Santa! This Christmas, I don’t want any gift, because my gift, my  darling is already with me.

39. Santa’s special gift to me is YOUR presence beside me right now.

40. My childhood is the most near-to-heart thing about Christmas.
Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
41. Give your Time to someone, because of it us the most valuable gift to be gifted to someone. This Christmas.

42. This Christmas I don’t want any gifts or anything, I just want you near to me, this Christmas.

43. I will not eat less to lose weight this Christmas. I will walk on the footsteps of Santa Claus.

44. Christmas holidays do not start with deals, it starts with simplicity.

45. Happy hearts and honest souls make the Christmas special.

Christmas WhatsApp text messages

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
46. I love to connected snowy weather with Christmas. But this year I will connect Christmas with the presence of freedom in the whole world.

47. Yippy!!! Christmas is arriving and you cannot do anything.

48. Christmas says that we all are connected. We cannot be Aline.

49. Christmas is affection which  come down on earth as  the most worthy gift.

50. Christmas becomes pleasing when you enjoy it with spice and sugar.

51. Would Santa give me a bonus this Christmas because of being unemployed?

52. I am very thankful for Christmas because I have friends like you. You all are my gift!

53. You are different and special. Wish you are very special Christmas! Merry Christmas.

54. May you have joyful Christmas this year. May you have warm and pleasing days in an upcoming year. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

55. You will find me today in the shopping mall on Santa’s lap, waiting for you.

56. May your Christmas would be loving and pleasing. May your whole family enjoy the festival together.

57. Today is Christmas Party in my office. So, ultimately, the apology party will be held tomorrow in my office.

58. When you lit the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, baby reindeer is drowned by a dwarf.

59. I would have two gifts in one gift if the gifts of Christmas were wrapped in bubble wrap !! Merry Christmas.

60. The race of opening an heart is Christmas. Wish you heart warming Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Unique Christmas WhatsApp status

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
61. May this upcoming year let the peace and stillness to surround you. May 2019 fill your life with joys and contentment.

62. May the friends’ closeness, the Home’s comfort, our nation’s unity, bring life to your spirits this Christmas season! Wish you Merry Christmas!

63. Christmas is to love someone and to get love. The more you love to everyone, the more you will celebrate Christmas in a year. Wish you Happy Christmas Day.  

64. The whole Mankind is a large family. The season of Christmas proves it every year.

65. Santa might not come at your home but I will come to celebrate. so, right now WhatsApp Me.

66. Our friendship is the most perfect gift of Christmas. Nothing can be better than this friendship. I am sure that we both get this super perfect present every year.

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67. Santa loves every kid! So sleep early and get the gift!

68. Don’t worry about Visa because you have Santa.

69. Dear Santa; am I too late to be a good person again?

70. Santa Claus is the idea that shows the importance of adults in our lives. So, visit it at the old house and meet your parents and grandparents. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with them.

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
71. Wish all of you a Happy New Year… I know it’s too early but it’s a childhood problem. Wish you Merry Christmas!

72. This Wiki Leaks is uncontrollable— They have leaked Santa’s Christmas gifts list.

73. Please give me your picture, so that I can tell Mr. Santa what I really wants!! Happy Christmas.

74. If at night, you were put into the big bag, then don’t worry because I will demand you in my gift from Santa Claus!! Merry Christmas!

75. Hurray!! Christmas is too near and Easter eggs will come in the shop soon!! Wish you a lovely Merry Christmas!!

More Christmas Whatsapp Status

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
76. JOY! PEACE! CONTTENTMENT! JOY! PEACE! CONTTENTMENT! I Wish you a very joyful Christmas Day and Happy New Year!

77. Santa is very jolly and smart, he knows the address of every naughty girl’s home.

78. Message me Christmas Day, or face me in Boxing Ring.

79. What you will gift if you were the Santa Claus?

80. Merry Christmas to the whole world! May God shower you with peace, love, wealth, friends and wealth!

81. The elves and dwarves of Santa are clauses, grammatically.

82. I am not a fat old man dressed in red, but you sit on my lap!

83 Dear Santa – This Christmas, make my friends’ Christmas the most memorable!!

84. Christmas season is that time when many people either get homesick.. especially when they are home.

85. If you want to save money this Christmas season, then fight with family on Thanksgiving and beg for forgiveness dramatically for forgiveness on New Year.
Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

86. If you eat something that taste weird on Christmas, then remember Santa comes once a year.

87. May this Christmas guide us to learn from our mistakes of past and have a bright future. Merry Christmas!

88. Christmas is magical! Your wallet gets empty fast! Wish you very Happy Christmas and New Year!

89. Celebrate the day of birth of the baby and the Kong, Jesus Christ together! Merry Christmas.

90. Christmas unites all of us. So give me your time and WhatsApp me up! Merry Christmas!

Cool WhatsApp Status

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
91. Let the spirit remain alive that Christmas ignited it. Be humane and kind. Merry Christmas.

92. You are my guiding star so I’ll follow you everywhere this Christmas.

93. Christmas is my favorite just like WhatsApp is my favorite! Merry Christmas!

94. May Christ will shower you with all the successes and happiness that you deserve. Wish you Merry Christmas.

95. You’re my star, that’s why I will follow you footsteps this Christmas season! Merry Christmas! 

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Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020

96. Christmas season is here! Wish you all very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

97. This Christmas share your happiness and buy gifts for loved ones. Merry Christmas!

98. When your heart shelters the Christmas, then it doesn’t matter what is under the tree.

99. Christmas is about doing more good. So this year, be more humane and have more Christmas days! Merry Christmas!

100. This Christmas, promise to be more honest and peaceful, because Christmas is the festival of joy and happiness. Wish you all a very pleasing Christmas day.

Best Christmas Whatsapp Status 2020
101. Months passes, Christmas arises and everyone smiles.

May you all enjoy on this Christmas day the most.

102. May this Christmas help us to become a better person. Merry Christmas.
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