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45+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids that Anyone Can Make. Cute and Simple Christmas Crafts for Everyone

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So, If you are Looking for some simple Christmas crafts for kids or for yourself, here are 45+ best ideas for all ages that will put you in the holiday spirit!

There’s just something magical about sitting down with the Christmas music playing or a fun holiday movie to watch, a festive treat to eat and a holiday project that you love working on. There’s no time of year that’s better for working on a fun project than Christmas and the holiday season, is there? Whether it’s a gift for someone or a craft or a decoration, it’s fun to create at Christmas.

If you need some fun and simple Christmas crafts this year, this list is for you! Some of these are easy Christmas crafts for the kids, others are more for mama to work on, some you could do together. If you love holiday crafting and want a fun project for at home or a kid’s party, these are going to be great ideas for you!

It’s nearly Christmas time again! Leading up to Christmas, my kids love making Christmas craft and each year our tree gets fuller with more handmade ornaments and decorations. Here are 20 easy Christmas craft ideas for you to enjoy.

1. Mini Christmas Tree with decorations.

Mini Christmas Tree
I love how bright, modern and non traditional these Christmas Trees look. Grab some straws, string and anything you might have in your art box to decorate your cardboard mini Christmas trees. 

2. Paper Straw Christmas Trees

Paper Straw Christmas Trees
These lovely bright paper straw Christmas trees are so simple to make, you probably can’t stop with making one. They would also look great as gift tags or on handmade Christmas cards.

3. Cupcake Christmas Trees

Cupcake Christmas Trees
Use Christmas coloured cupcake liners to make these Christmas trees. Put the Christmas trees on cards or in a garland and decorate away!

4. Santa and Reindeer Puppets

Santa and Reindeer Puppets

Make this set of Santa and reindeer puppets with your little one and let them have fun doing a puppet show or wear them as masks.

5. Christmas Paddle Pop Stick Characters

Santa and Reindeer Puppets
Make some Christmas paddle pop stick characters for your Christmas tree with paddle pop sticks, googly eyes and felt. Are there any other characters you can think of making?

6. Owl Baubles

Santa and Reindeer Puppets

Have fun decorating plain Christmas baubles and add features to make these Owl baubles. For parents who like a coordinated Christmas Tree or love a sentimental decoration that will last generations, check out these incredible personalised Christmas Ornaments.

7. Reindeer Baubles

Santa and Reindeer Puppets

Using your little one’s thumbprint, you can make personalised reindeer baubles to give to teachers, friends and family.

8. Reindeer Hat

Christmas Crafts for Kids
How cute is this reindeer hat! Make the antlers using your child’s arm print and stick them on a brown cardboard crown.

9. Pasta Wreath

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Add glitter and colour to your uncooked pasta to make this very simple pasta wreath. Great for Christmas cards and gift tags.

10. Cardboard Wreath

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Using a paper plate and some toilet rolls, you can recreate this cardboard wreath. Hang it on your front door to welcome all your Christmas visitors. 

11. Recycled Card Ornaments

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Recycle your Christmas cards from previous years and make new ornaments for the Christmas tree. Let the kids decorate these ornaments with sequins or mini pom poms and other items they have in their craft box.

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12. Salt Dough Ornaments

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Using your child’s hand and foot print, you can make this Santa and Reindeer salt dough ornaments. The lovely thing about this is that when you get out the ornaments every year you can see how much their hand or foot size has grown!

13. Reindeer Handprint

Christmas Crafts for Kids
There are lots of fun things you can turn your hand or foot print into like this reindeer. Add antlers and eyes to bring your child’s handprint to life! If you’d like to make this an extra special Christmas Gift, get your kids to create their art on these amazing Christmas Cards For Kids that are purpose designed for Christmas arts & crafts gifts.

14. Felt Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Kids will love cutting out felt trees and gluing shapes onto them. String all the trees together and hang them around your house. This festive felt Christmas tree garland will brighten up any home.

15. Ribbon Christmas Tree

Christmas Crafts for Kids
A very simple craft that you can use to help teach your little one how to tie knots. Find some branches and use green or red ribbons to make this Christmas tree ornament they make a wonderful gift too! If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating gorgeous handmade Xmas gifts, you’re going to love these personalised Christmas Cards Packs that add an extra touch of love to your thoughtful gifts.

16. Christmas Tree Window Decorations

Christmas Tree Window Decorations

Make some decorations for your windows in the shape of Christmas trees, angels or candy canes. Get your child to stick coloured pieces of tissue paper onto clear contact and cover it with another sheet of clear contact when done.

17. Angel Light

Christmas Tree Window Decorations

These angel lights are so sweet and very safe for your little one to make and play with. Using LED tea lights, simply decorate the outside of the plastic cup and have fun lighting up your angels.

18. Christmas Tree Paper Chain

Christmas Tree Window Decorations

Paper chains are so easy and fun to make. To make this Christmas tree, cut green and red strips of paper and assemble using the picture as a guide.

19. Beaded Candy Cane

Christmas Tree Window Decorations
A cute little craft to do with your toddler to teach them colour, pattern and threading! Use the candy canes to decorate your tree and you won’t need to worry about them getting eaten!

20. Christmas Cards

Christmas Tree Window Decorations
Handmade Christmas cards are the best! Have a card making session with the kids and see what you can come up with. These Christmas cards are so easy to make using ribbon, shape punches and paper stock.

25+ Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids that Anyone Can Make

Easy Christmas Crafts for KidsEasy Christmas Crafts for KidsEasy Christmas Crafts for KidsEasy Christmas Crafts for KidsEasy Christmas Crafts for KidsCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmas
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Crafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmas

Crafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmas

Crafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmasCrafts for Kids christmas

-Organising Your Christmas Crafts

We know that over the years it can be tricky storing and organising your kids’ arts & crafts. Our hot tip for keeping your Christmas Crafts for Kids sorted & identifiable is so easy. Simply apply these durable Name Labels to your kids’ Christmas craft activities, and you’ll know which art is theirs when it’s time to display them at their 21st birthday party 😉
Will you be making any of these easy Christmas crafts with your kids? We hope you have lots of family fun creating and crafting together.
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